Disputes Settlement (Litigation and ADR)

Penev LLP is one of the leading law firms with a strong litigation focus. Recognized as a firm that promotes value for money, we deliver successful outcomes at a highly competitive rate. We are efficient, effective and we get results. Our primary goal is to help our clients avoid litigation through pre-trial negotiations and settlements. However, we are experienced in managing complex litigation and arbitration cases involving multiple claims and parties.

We represent major international companies in cases dealing with infringement of rights, commercial and insolvency disputes. We provide in-depth expert services at all levels of court. We have designed a model of corporate reputation that takes into account clients’ values, strategies and integrity.

Our skills:

  • Commercial Litigation;

  • Insolvency and Corporate Restructuring;

  • Administrative Litigation;

  • Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments and Arbitral Awards in Bulgaria;

  • Competition Disputes;

  • IP Disputes;

  • Tax Disputes;

  • Debt Collection;

  • Amicable Dispute Settlements.

Some highlights of our recent Dispute Settlement experience include:

  • representation before various court instances, but mostly the Supreme Court, in relation to the appeal of various privatization deals, public procurement, and competition decisions; for more information, please refer to our Foreign Investment, Privatization and PPP Practice and our Competition Practice;

  • the whole Alpha Bank Bulgaria Branch’s NPL portfolio of commercial litigation and enforcement cases were outsourced to Penev LLP. The project included the assignment of both commercial (civil and insolvency proceedings) and enforcement cases. The team of Penev LLP was the first in Bulgaria to engage in an outsourcing agreement of such caliber. The immense scale of the project turns it into a milestone for the litigation and dispute resolution outsourcing project development in Bulgaria. A team of 12 lawyers managed over 1000 cases;

  • extensive experience of over a hundred employment lawsuits;

  • provision of comprehensive legal advice and representation of Coca Cola HBC before the Bulgarian Competition Authority where more than 50 files were submitted alleging that the Company breached competition law provisions;
  • ongoing legal representation and advice to Goodyear in various cases for collection of outstanding receivables from distributors;
  • Penev LLP has defended successfully Lewis Charles Sofia Property Fund against Westhill BG 8 JSC and other companies within the Westhill group in insolvency proceedings. The total amount of the claimed receivables in the insolvency proceedings of the Westhill Group companies are EUR 7.686 mln.;
  • successful overruling of a ship-arrest procedure, acting for an international bank as the owner of the vessel;
  • protection of the Dark Fibre IRU rights of Pantel International (formerly Invitel International) for an amount exceeding EUR 1 million in insolvency proceedings initiated against its contractor;
  • representation of Sweet Analyses Services Inc. in proceedings dealing with recognition and enforcement of the award decision ruled by the International Court of Arbitration, Paris, France;
  • representation of IRC in proceedings for recognition and enforcement of Innsbruck’s District Court decision;
  • representation of Specialized Business Systems (SBS) Plc. in a case for execution of public procurement contract, including bringing of a claim for (i) real execution for full payment, and (ii) payments for liquidated damages;
  • representation of Lewis Charles Sofia Property Fund in insolvency proceedings against a major Bulgarian developer. The complex legal proceedings involve damages in the amount of approximately EUR 2.5 million;
  • representation of one of world's largest entertainment companies in proceedings for the collection of an amount of approximately EUR 500.000. The work involves dealing with insolvency proceedings against a major Bulgarian entertainment company acting as their contractor;
  • representation of AT&T in out-of-court proceedings with respect to a complex lease dispute involving trilateral contractual relations advising on all Bulgarian law aspects of the lease, drafting documents and negotiation;
  • representation of Black Sea Properties in civil proceedings involving more than fifteen parties for cancellation of a title of ownership;
  • representation of Albena Holdings in litigation proceedings before the court of law;
  • advising Antonio Puig S.A. on its claim against the national Bulgarian air company Balkan Airlines raised within the insolvency proceedings against Balkan Airlines;
  • representation of a client in court proceedings, including the Supreme Court of Cassation of the Republic of Bulgaria, arising out of a restitution dispute regarding a real estate;
  • representation with respect to a real estate dispute on the acknowledgment of the right of ownership;
  • in addition to the project-based work, we act as litigators in a number of proceedings initiated by private parties with respect to real estate and employment disputes.