Core Values

Since its inception, PENEV LLP has been governed by its core values defining the character of the Firm and our approach to daily business and professional ethics.Our lawyers embrace the values to which we have remained committed throughout thet wenty years of our existence.We are on the forefront of the constantly evolving area of the EU law and we are committed to delivering the highest quality legal services for our clients. 

Under pinning ourfirm and our work is a set of values we strive towards:

QUALITY: Our cutting edge legal experience our passion for innovation and above all our integrity are the highlights of our daily performance. Our fundamental strategy is to be a seamless extension of our clients’ legal team.  

AVAILABILITY:Our availability and responsiveness helps us achieve our clients’ objectives and make their goals happen.

LOYALTY and CONFIDENTIALITY: We value our clients and maintain stable long term business relations that help us build a professionally and personally rewarding environment. We strictly adhere to confidentiality, discretion and privacy. 

CREATIVITY:We value creativity and innovative approachs. We apply our expertise and specialized knowledge to achieve workable solutions that meet clents’ needs.